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I live on the top of a windy hill in Derbyshire with my husband, two cheeky daughters, a bouncy black labrador, one extremely fluffy black cat and lots of fish. My eldest daughter used to have an invisible dog called Paddy, who followed her everywhere. Now we have a real dog called Roo and Paddy has gone to live with another family.

As well as writing, I love walking in the hills, swimming, snuggling, baking, weeding, running, sleeping, chatting, watching talking cats on YouTube, and sitting in cafes. I hate getting up in the morning and being cold.

My favourite places are the local library because it’s warm and full of books, and the Hide-and-Seek Field, because you can lie down in the long grass and nobody can see you.

Before I die, I want to drive a giant dumper truck and go whale-watching!

Caryl’s books include the Traditional Tales, The Princess and the Giant, and The Princess and the Peas; stories about Whiffy Wilson and the Albie series.

Caryl will be visiting schools on Teesside as part of our 2016 school programme.